St Nicholas Magazine

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  • Title St Nicholas Magazine 
    Short Title St Nicholas 
    Author Ailsa B. Amos 
    Call Number Vol 35, Part 1, pg 751 
    Source ID S19 
    Text "Nature and Science for Young Folks"

    Comstock, Nebraska
    Dear St Nicholas: When the weather gets warm and the beehives are full of bees they begin to get ready to swarm. They raise a dozen or more young queens, but the old one generally goes with the first swarm. They come out in the air, fly around, and then settle. When they begin to settle a few bees light and the others keeps piling on them and hanging to one another till they all get settled. Sometimes there is no more than a quart of bees in a swarm, and we have had them when they would fill a big pail. Sometimes they will not stay in the cluster more than half an hour, and sometimes they hang all day before they go away. When we go to get them we spread a sheet down in front of the hive and shake the bees on it and they run in. If htey light on a tree we sometimes cut the branch off and carry it to the hive. They quite often settle on a tree, and we have had them light on hte fence or on the ground. The picture is of a swarm that settled on a sulky-plow seat. My little sister is finishing her breakfast beside them.
    --Ailsa B. Amos (age 12) 

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    Amos, Frieda (probably) in St Nicholas magazine.
    Amos, Frieda (probably) in St Nicholas magazine.
    Appeared in St Nicholas magazine. In the accompanying letter to the magazine, Ailsa says that it is her little sister, probably Frieda.

    Amos, Ailsa & possibly Frieda, St Nicholas magazine
    Amos, Ailsa & possibly Frieda, St Nicholas magazine
    A page from St Nicholas magazine featuring a letter describing bee swarms by 12-year-old Ailsa B Amos. Photograph is said to be her little sister, likely Frieda.