Sutton, Worcester Co., MA


Tree: Seaver-Bilyeu-Lowell

Latitude: 42.1500353, Longitude: -71.7632878


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ruth  9 Apr 1745Sutton, Worcester Co., MA I271 Seaver-Bilyeu-Lowell 
2 Sibley, Abner  5 Mar 1743Sutton, Worcester Co., MA I223 Seaver-Bilyeu-Lowell 
3 Sibley, Abner  9 Apr 1744Sutton, Worcester Co., MA I225 Seaver-Bilyeu-Lowell 
4 Sibley, Benjamin Sr  19 Sep 1703Sutton, Worcester Co., MA I761 Seaver-Bilyeu-Lowell 
5 Sibley, Benjamin Jr  17 Aug 1727Sutton, Worcester Co., MA I882 Seaver-Bilyeu-Lowell 
6 Sibley, Catherine Whipple  27 Feb 1809Sutton, Worcester Co., MA I295 Seaver-Bilyeu-Lowell 
7 Sibley, David  14 Aug 1750Sutton, Worcester Co., MA I232 Seaver-Bilyeu-Lowell 
8 Sibley, Dorcas  7 Jul 1736Sutton, Worcester Co., MA I220 Seaver-Bilyeu-Lowell 
9 Sibley, Elisha  24 Feb 1746Sutton, Worcester Co., MA I229 Seaver-Bilyeu-Lowell 
10 Sibley, Hannah  27 Jun 1721Sutton, Worcester Co., MA I215 Seaver-Bilyeu-Lowell 
11 Sibley, Hannah  27 Mar 1778Sutton, Worcester Co., MA I285 Seaver-Bilyeu-Lowell 
12 Sibley, Hannah Marsh  13 Jun 1732Sutton, Worcester Co., MA I218 Seaver-Bilyeu-Lowell 
13 Sibley, Huldah  6 Aug 1782Sutton, Worcester Co., MA I288 Seaver-Bilyeu-Lowell 
14 Sibley, James  7 May 1714Sutton, Worcester Co., MA I213 Seaver-Bilyeu-Lowell 
15 Sibley, John  2 Aug 1711Sutton, Worcester Co., MA I212 Seaver-Bilyeu-Lowell 
16 Sibley, John Jr  5 Nov 1740Sutton, Worcester Co., MA I222 Seaver-Bilyeu-Lowell 
17 Sibley, Jonathan  11 Sep 1718Sutton, Worcester Co., MA I214 Seaver-Bilyeu-Lowell 
18 Sibley, Jonathan  4 Feb 1772Sutton, Worcester Co., MA I282 Seaver-Bilyeu-Lowell 
19 Sibley, Lydia  30 May 1738Sutton, Worcester Co., MA I221 Seaver-Bilyeu-Lowell 
20 Sibley, Mary  23 Sep 1725Sutton, Worcester Co., MA I216 Seaver-Bilyeu-Lowell 
21 Sibley, Nathaniel  20 Apr 1776Sutton, Worcester Co., MA I283 Seaver-Bilyeu-Lowell 
22 Sibley, Peter  13 May 1751Sutton, Worcester Co., MA I259 Seaver-Bilyeu-Lowell 
23 Sibley, Phoebe  5 Nov 1767Sutton, Worcester Co., MA I280 Seaver-Bilyeu-Lowell 
24 Sibley, Priscilla  05 Aug 1725Sutton, Worcester Co., MA I881 Seaver-Bilyeu-Lowell 
25 Sibley, Reuben  20 Feb 1743Sutton, Worcester Co., MA I261 Seaver-Bilyeu-Lowell 
26 Sibley, Ruth  4 Jun 1734Sutton, Worcester Co., MA I219 Seaver-Bilyeu-Lowell 
27 Sibley, Ruth  13 Mar 1780Sutton, Worcester Co., MA I286 Seaver-Bilyeu-Lowell 
28 Sibley, Solomon  7 Oct 1769Sutton, Worcester Co., MA I281 Seaver-Bilyeu-Lowell 
29 Sibley, Stephen  14 Aug 1750Sutton, Worcester Co., MA I243 Seaver-Bilyeu-Lowell 
30 Sibley, Tarrant  1 Sep 1754Sutton, Worcester Co., MA I266 Seaver-Bilyeu-Lowell 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ruth  30 Nov 1814Sutton, Worcester Co., MA I271 Seaver-Bilyeu-Lowell 
2 Burnap, Hannah  19 Oct 1816Sutton, Worcester Co., MA I260 Seaver-Bilyeu-Lowell 
3 Marsh, Hannah  1813Sutton, Worcester Co., MA I217 Seaver-Bilyeu-Lowell 
4 Rich, Samuel  Sutton, Worcester Co., MA I892 Seaver-Bilyeu-Lowell 
5 Sibley, Abner  7 Apr 1743Sutton, Worcester Co., MA I223 Seaver-Bilyeu-Lowell 
6 Sibley, Abner  5 May 1822Sutton, Worcester Co., MA I225 Seaver-Bilyeu-Lowell 
7 Sibley, Hannah  3 Aug 1784Sutton, Worcester Co., MA I215 Seaver-Bilyeu-Lowell 
8 Sibley, James  1794Sutton, Worcester Co., MA I213 Seaver-Bilyeu-Lowell 
9 Sibley, John  13 May 1741Sutton, Worcester Co., MA I915 Seaver-Bilyeu-Lowell 
10 Sibley, John Jr  1824Sutton, Worcester Co., MA I222 Seaver-Bilyeu-Lowell 
11 Sibley, Jonathan  30 Mar 1787Sutton, Worcester Co., MA I214 Seaver-Bilyeu-Lowell 
12 Sibley, Joseph Jr  15 May 1754Sutton, Worcester Co., MA I914 Seaver-Bilyeu-Lowell 
13 Sibley, Lydia  11 Jul 1738Sutton, Worcester Co., MA I221 Seaver-Bilyeu-Lowell 
14 Sibley, Nathaniel  31 Mar 1859Sutton, Worcester Co., MA I283 Seaver-Bilyeu-Lowell 
15 Sibley, Phoebe  7 Jun 1785Sutton, Worcester Co., MA I280 Seaver-Bilyeu-Lowell 
16 Sibley, Reuben  17 Nov 1810Sutton, Worcester Co., MA I261 Seaver-Bilyeu-Lowell 
17 Sibley, Ruth  23 Mar 1755Sutton, Worcester Co., MA I219 Seaver-Bilyeu-Lowell 
18 Sibley, Tarrant  26 Jul 1823Sutton, Worcester Co., MA I266 Seaver-Bilyeu-Lowell 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Sibley /   30 Jan 1765Sutton, Worcester Co., MA F32 Seaver-Bilyeu-Lowell 
2 Sibley / Burnap  3 Dec 1739Sutton, Worcester Co., MA F31 Seaver-Bilyeu-Lowell 
3 Sibley / Marsh  13 Mar 1731Sutton, Worcester Co., MA F30 Seaver-Bilyeu-Lowell